Our time here on earth is precious. It may appear to pass in a flash.

Yet in each moment, we have the opportunity to develop our vision, skills and talents, to make manifest the potential we carry within us.

At the heart of real leadership, is the opportunity to become active participants in the evolution of humanity. Every one of us is a pioneer in the vast possibility of our individual and collective futures.

You have the power of possibility within you.

What will you do with it?

Check out these Four Priorities that courageous leaders engage and align with:

We live on the Earth.
We breathe her air. We drink her water.
We eat the food that is grown in her soil.

We have the collective capacity to take care of this life-giving resource that takes care of us. It is imperative that we organise ourselves effectively to do so.

As people, we are united in our humanity. We all need to live, we need to breathe, we all feel, and we all bleed.

Social inequality doesn’t just hurt the ones who are most disadvantaged by it. It hurts the oppressors and the bystanders, too. We may not always be consciously aware of it, but for as long as our fellow humans suffer, we also suffer.

I dream of a world where all people can eat, sleep, work, rest, create, learn, make love, raise children, and pursue their passions and purpose without fear of deprivation or discrimination from others.

… A world where the spirit of generosity flows through people and cultures, encouraging respect and celebration of difference, and supporting a diversity of cultural expressions and forms.

The Age of Wars must come to an end.
We are too intelligent to continue fighting like wounded children.

Yet Peace is more than just the absence of war. It is the absence of oppressive power structures within which conflict breeds. If we want peace, we must learn the art of truly living… Letting love, respect, freedom and creativity guide the development of our institutions and organizations, the structures which make our society.

This is not just a task for governments. It is something that everyone can participate in. Will you?

“Know Thyself” … this simple command holds the key to personal and collective liberation and fulfilment.

The previous three priorities are only achievable through Self Knowledge. It is through sincere enquiry into the nature of ‘Who I Am’ that these three core priorities became clear to me… and what also became clear is that the changes that the world needs most cannot be brought about unconsciously.

To effectively contribute to lasting Environmental Sustainability, Social Justice and World Peace, we need to individually and personally understand how essential each of these are to our own survival and happiness. Yes, to your individual survival and happiness, as well as to the collective surviving and thriving of humanity.

Yollana – visionary poet, speaker and coach

Yollana is a visionary and creative innovator, skilled facilitator, dynamic speaker, coach and consultant for business leaders who want to lead the way in a new era of planetary service.

She holds a degree in Environmental Science, a professional background helping developers and government agencies who wanted to build better cities and communities, and more recently coaching and training small business owners who want to make a difference and need to make a profit. She is also a mother, poet and mystic.

Her unique combination of wisdom and intellect, science and policy, practicality and passion, allow her to bring a fresh voice to the arena of Leadership development and transformation.

Inspiring business leaders who want to shape a better world.

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